Pull Tabs

Here at Horner Novelty, we have an extensive range of pull tab assortments. Please give us a call at 1-812-283-5050 for inquiries on what type of gaming product you are looking for, and our sales representatives will be more than happy to help.

We do not sell our pull tabs online; you have to come into our store to purchase.
These are our restrictions;
*You must present a valid non-expired driver's license each time you wish to purchase.
*We cannot sell to anyone with a Kentucky license.
*If you want to pay with a debit/credit card, the card's name must match the driver's license.
*Children are not allowed in the Tab Area.
*Each purchaser may only bring one guest into the Tab Area.
*Must be 18 years+ to purchase.

Our ticket count range is anywhere from about 110 tickets to 8,000.

We only sell $1 tickets, is it illegal in Indiana to sell any ticket for more than $1

This is our new EXCLUSIVE game called HAMBURGERS. You will only find this game here at Horner Novelty